King "S.T.A.R.S" Core Values.
Service excellence. Teamwork. Accountability. Respect. Success.

Service Excellence
We are devoted to customer satisfaction and consistently strive to understand the customer’s changing needs while maintaining an exceptional level of quality service that will enhance the safety and security of their workplace environment at all times. We do what we say we will do.


We work cooperatively toward common goals and are motivated to assist one another when help is needed. Through unity and trust, we work together to contribute to the growth of the individual, the company and our customers.

Our staff is competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of their job. We strive for operational efficiency through innovation and discipline so that designated performance standards will be achieved on a regular and consistent basis.

At all levels of the organization, we show consideration, courtesy and thoughtfulness to everyone we interact with by being polite and showing concern for each person’s well being. We carry out all tasks with integrity and in an honest manner. We do the right thing!


We strive to achieve personal and professional growth while expanding the strength of our organization. Corporate growth allows us to further the opportunities for our employees and fulfill our commitment to our customers.