Training for all security officers begins when hired. The officers go through an extensive training program. The training includes detailed classroom and field sessions. After each phase of training, candidates are given a written exam to find out their level of retention and understanding.

Once the candidate passes this unique training program, they go through an extensive field training program. Here they are closely monitored by a field supervisor. This training segment allows supervisors to observe the candidates in "real life" situation. As a result the officer is ready to handle the challenges of each unique site. Ongoing refresher training is given often and all officers have free access to our security library.

At King Security, we go well beyond the industry standards to provide you with the best trained and most sophisticated security officers possible. If you're looking for a security firm that you can trust to provide the highest level of service and competence, look no further. All our officers are trained with materials and courses that have been approved by Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, DHS, ASIS and CALSAGA. We train our employees on the following subjects;

  • Powers to Arrest
  • Arrest, Search & Seizure
  • Community & Customer Service
  • Liability & Legal aspects of security
  • Laws, Codes, Regulations and Ordinances
  • Observation & Documentation
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Post Orders & Assignments
  • Officer Safety
  • Work Place Violence
  • Discrimination and harrassment polices
  • Physical security
  • Patrolling techniques
  • Account Responsibilities
  • Responding to emergencies